Silvia Martin

Silvia is an independent SEO Consultant and the founder of Trebole. She specialises in SEO strategy and technical SEO and has more than 9 years of experience, helping a range of global leading brands improve their online visibility and organic performance. Silvia loves travelling, and she has lived in 5 different countries: Spain, Canada, France, China and United Kingdom. Now she is settled in London, where she works remotely. She did a Marketing Masters when she was living in Paris, France, while working in the hospitality industry in Ebookers (Expedia group) and Oracle (former Micros Fidelio) In the UK, she has worked as in-house SEO, then moved agency side as a SEO manager, and now as independent consultant, based in London and working with a wide range of clients: BTB, BTC, e-commerce.. She is a certified mentor and collaborates with WYK, Women in Tech SEO and the Santander mentoring programmes.

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