Prasath has been involved in digital marketing and website development since the age of 16, and two decades later, his passion still continues. His journey began with the establishment of the then-largest online technology forum in India, where he learned everything from SEO, SEA, AdWords, CMS, and website development, all while pursuing his bachelor's degree in computer science. Fast forward to the present: after obtaining two business master's degrees in Singapore/Wales and Antwerp, Prasath has settled down in the Netherlands. His career spans various roles, including (web) project management, product development, CRO, and, last but not least, SEO. Currently, he is heading the SEO at The Social Hub. A year ago, he was part of the core team that executed the migration and rebranding of The Student Hotel to The Social Hub. In his free time, Next to co-parenting his 4 year old son, Prasath enjoys running, cycling, and walking, especially by the sea. He has recently taken up Salsa dancing. Additionally, he learnt agriculture and seaweed farming while living on one of the islands in the Netherlands. A devoted Star Wars fan and a foodie!.

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Prasath RavikumarPrasath RavikumarPrasath Ravikumar