Introducing a distinguished speaker at the conference, we are delighted to present the CEO and co-founder of Advanced Web Ranking, who has successfully led the company for the past two decades. With his extensive experience, he has positioned Advanced Web Ranking as the leading rank tracking tool for SEO agencies across the industry.

In the past, he has also been recognized as a presenter at the esteemed SMX Advanced conference in Seattle, where he shared his expertise with fellow professionals in the field.

Beyond his SEO prowess, our speaker possesses a range of interests that he enthusiastically delves into during informal discussions. Outside the realm of SEO, he finds great fascination in exploring topics such as AI, printing 3D models, and flying remote airplanes. Ask him about his latest F-14 Tomcat model and he'll light up like a kid on Christmas morning. Prepare to engage with a true visionary during the conference, as he imparts invaluable insights into using AI to get insights into rank tracking and visibility in Google search results.

Additional Photos of Phillip

Phillip Pertescu