Nick Wilsdon

Nick has been in the industry longer than the industry has been, well an industry – his technical knowledge, commercial experience and global expertise is recognised where he is invited to judge literally every single awards ceremony in digital, speak at every event around the world.

Equally comfortable telling board level why they are completely wrong to hacking an Amazon Alexa for a conference talk. Nick has a unique set of skills and experience. From clientside to agency side Nick is a formidable consultant.

Nick is also the man behind Status 410 – the podcast where old men (and a token woman) moan about the state of the industry, what needs to be fixed and what should simply be burnt.

Find Nick Wilsdon online

You can find him online at

And you can find out more about him on his own website here –

You can hear him talking here on Clickz

Nick Wilsdons background

Working in Brighton since 1998, before moving to Russia specializing in multilingual SEO, Nick developed a knowledge across all aspects of digital, including paid and PR, Nick returned to the UK in 2011 and developed teams for Arena Media, Havas, and Dentsu, more recently Nick has been consulting for Vodafone leading their technical SEO across 22 markets.