Natalya Stecko is an accomplished SEO content strategist with an impressive track record of over three years in the field. Natalya brings a unique blend of academic excellence and professional prowess to her role. With a Master of Arts (MA) in International Business and a Bachelor of Arts (BA Hons) in English and Media, she seamlessly merges the worlds of business and communication.

Natalya's journey through the digital landscape has been diverse, encompassing both agency and in-house experiences. She’s collaborated with many businesses spanning B2B, B2C, and SaaS sectors, showcasing her versatility in catering to companies of various industries.

However, Natalya's true passion lies in content strategy. Her expertise allows her to craft ingenious content strategies that resonate. From conceptualisation to execution, she oversees the entire content production process, infusing creativity and precision at every step.

Currently, Natalya is a Content Consultant at and plays a pivotal role in shaping content strategies that drive results. Simultaneously, she lends her expertise to elevate the content initiatives of Mirador. Natalya's strength lies in her adeptness at seamlessly blending SEO techniques with content strategy.

Natalya is really interested in how AI and marketing come together, especially with content strategy and SEO. She keeps a close eye on how artificial intelligence is changing marketing and always looks for new ways to use AI insights in her strategies. She also loves staying up-to-date with new trends to stay ahead.

Natalya Stecko