Mark Williams-Cook has over 20 years of SEO experience, is co-owner of search agency Candour, the founder of AlsoAsked, organiser of SearchNorwich and runs an e-commerce pet category business in the UK. He also has one of the most popular SEO courses on Udemy, that he professes is "not a scam like most of those other courses" and has taught over 5,000 SEOs.

When not doing serious businessing, Mark is an expert at attracting Google penalties, with his latest content site that he'd been bragging about being completely tombstoned by the Sep '23 HCU. Mark has now 'pivoted' into saying this is a valuable learning opportunity.

If you see Mark in-person, some non-SEO things he loves to talk about are: scuba diving, cybersecurity, pc gaming.

Photos of Mark Williams-Cook

Mark in EgyptMarking forecasting problemsMark William-Cook