Limor Barenholtz

Limor has been in digital marketing for 2 decades. Her passion for computers started in the early ’80s and her journey to the SEO world actually started from hacking & cyber security, network architecture, and website building – but eventually, she found her favorite spot optimizing web-code & conducting experiments on search engines & users alike.

In her career, she’s managed large-scale activities starting from international gaming companies’ operations, going through Israeli & international super-brands 360° campaigns bringing M$ revenues from organic traffic in all niches and markets. She’s built large-scale strategies, training programs, and processes. Her passion remains highly technical & data-oriented operations for SEO performance and analysis.

Limor claims herself to be an ultra-geek. She loves Monty Python, almost all types of music, computer games – if they involve shooting people online and playing Poker. She has 3.5yr. old twins & a partner she adores, and she says she can’t go on living without coffee, good friends, and challenges.

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