Larisa Ivanova, a visionary and strategic thinker, possesses a unique superpower - planning. Her belief that dreams can be transformed into reality by attaching them to deadlines and meticulously crafting a plan is at the core of her success story. Larisa has dedicated herself to assisting businesses and individuals with innovative ideas in realizing their full potential, stepping out of their comfort zones, and achieving remarkable success.

With a deep-rooted conviction in the potential of every project she takes on, Larisa approaches her work with the utmost commitment. She values time as a precious commodity and believes that if you're not prepared to invest 120% of your energy into a cause, it might not be the right one for you.

Larisa Ivanova is not just a planning enthusiast; she's also the driving force behind numerous impactful projects. She currently holds the role of Project Owner at SERP Conf., the Central & Eastern European SEO Conference based in Sofia, Bulgaria. Her journey into marketing and planning commenced in 2017, marked by her foray into social media marketing. Since 2019, she's been an integral part of the Serpact team, initially joining as a Marketing Manager and subsequently evolving through various phases of her work. Today, she spearheads Serpact's event organization efforts, pushing the boundaries of what's achievable in the field.

Larisa's present focus is on expanding opportunities for small businesses, enabling them to broaden their markets and increase their visibility. Her dedication to this cause is unwavering, a testament to her commitment to helping others succeed.

Notable projects under Larisa Ivanova's capable leadership include:

Project Owner of SERP Acad.

  • Serpact Academy 2022
  • SERP Acad. 2023

Project Owner of SERP Conf.

  • SERP Light Conf. 2021
  • SERP Conf. 2022
  • SERP Conf. 2023 - Eastern Europe
  • SERP Conf. 2024 - Central & Eastern Europe

Larisa's contributions to the world of planning, marketing, and event organization have left an indelible mark. Her inspiring journey and unshakable belief in the power of structured planning make her an invaluable speaker, mentor, and advocate for turning dreams into tangible achievements. Larisa Ivanova is an influential figure who is shaping the future of businesses and individuals alike, and her insights are not to be missed.

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