Kunal Sharma

Kunal Sharma is a seasoned expert in the field of digital marketing, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table. As the current Head of SEO at dealchecker.co.uk, Kunal is responsible for a wide array of critical tasks, including face-to-face interactions with SEO agencies, in-depth keyword research, technical site audits and their seamless implementation, content creation, outreach strategies, meticulous performance reporting using tools like Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics, and the enhancement of site cross-linking and architecture. Additionally, Kunal excels in on-page content optimization, ensuring maximum online visibility and impact.

Before taking on the role at dealchecker.co.uk, Kunal served as an SEO Executive at Mindshare Worldwide, where their key responsibilities encompassed effective outreach efforts, comprehensive technical audits, in-depth keyword research, report generation, client engagement, and content creation.

Kunal also boasts a rich background as an SEO Specialist at Directline Holidays, where they dedicated their efforts to optimizing the company's website, enhancing its search engine rankings for specific keywords. Kunal's daily tasks included the meticulous analysis of link-building strategies, keyword research, and the adept management of social media platforms.

In a previous role as Marketing Manager at Fluidmoves Productions Ltd, Kunal specialized in video production, from capturing thrilling extreme sports moments to tackling intricate construction projects.

Furthermore, Kunal gained valuable experience during a month-long placement at Brighton and Hove High School in April 2011, where they served as a Marketing Assistant. In this role, Kunal assessed existing marketing strategies and explored the integration of social media and SEO tactics to bolster the company's market presence.

Kunal is recognized for their expertise in online marketing, branding, consumer psychology, marketing, advertising, market research, SEO, social media, digital marketing, and affiliate marketing.

Outside of his day job he enjoys playing bass guitar and keeping fit, you will find Kunal playing gigs occasionally around London and the UK with the Stone Cutters.

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