Jarno van Driel

Jarno van Driel is an international Structured Data (and technical SEO) consultant who started during the early years of the web. A former print- and web designer, Flash- and 3D artist, frontend developer and accessibility engineer. One who took on many more challenging roles throughout his career so as to become a well rounded digital professional.

With over 25 years of digital activities under his belt, he has become well versed in many of the different technical and organizational aspects of running a successful online operation. A period during which he encountered many different types of ‘situations’. Experiences he uses to navigate his way through organizations, bringing the right people together, so as to get things done.

He became fascinated with the ‘semantic web’ when he discovered something called ‘semantic annotations’ (2008). A trigger that went off because of his background in web accessibility. Something which has a lot to do with creating structure and expressing meaning. In his mind, making semantic metadata the obvious next step for expressing a deeper (and very useful) level of meaning and relations.

Being an early adopter of structured data markup, over time, his work got mentioned on several W3C discussion groups. Mentions he is very grateful for because it caused him to start publicly participating in schema.org (2013). Through which he got in touch with and learned from many of the pioneers who are at the forefront of the semantic technologies being used today.

Nowadays he finds it difficult to classify his own job title. Due to the variety and extent of his activities. Which often overlap with a multitude of departments and specialists. And because of that most simply know him as ‘just Jarno’, that structured data fanboy from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Jarno does a lot of different things which can be categorized and classified in many different taxonomies and ontologies. In practice his every day tasks start at creating structured data markup or well formatted xml feeds, all the way through to developing corporate vocabularies, backend information structures and digital marketing datasets for a multitude of outlets.

Additional photos of Jarno

Jarno JSON-LD talk