David Carrasco is an SEO based just outside of Barcelona. He has been doing SEO for over ten years for both his own projects and for his clients. That means he's got knowledge, experience, and a certain... age. If he looks young, it's because he's doing a great job.

Always entrepreneurial and on the lookout for new opportunities to launch projects, meet new people, and have engaging conversations. That's why he hosts two podcasts and a live streaming about marketing, business, and SEO. He also has a newsletter where he reviews current events and shares whatever's on his mind that week. If you read it, rest assured it'll be on your mind too.

In his free time, he's the CEO of Unancor, a PR and link building tool. If you want to know more, reach out. Perhaps that's another excuse for a great chat.

David Carrasco

David CarrascoDavid CarrascoDavid Carrasco

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