A TIO Unconference ?

On Saturday, in Amsterdam we are running something a little more unconference like than we have done before, if you’ve been to MeasureCamp or a classic TakeItOffline round table event it  won’t feel too odd – but in essence the topics are free, often decided on the day and we  will have 3-4 areas of different  topics, different streams, such as data, tech SEO, content  and outreach where conversations will happen.

So – 3-5 rooms – suggest a topic, we have space for upto 15 topics – if you want something that you think is a little off topic, still suggest it …

TIO has a set of rules which are basically be respectful to each other, but we also encourage people to ask awkward challenging questions, everyone has different experiences. I will sometimes make a bold statement based on Google advice that someone who has tried it  have tried putting into practice and have seen something quite different. We want heated discussions with a beer afterwards.

We will try to have someone in charge of every room – someone who can facilitate, keep things going but we will also need session leaders.

In Amsterdam, we will probably have 3 sessions of about 30-45 minutes each, which means if you want to swap room you can do and we actively encourage it, these sessions are as much about finding folks who you want to strike up more conversations with as much as they are about the sessions themselves – make friends, contacts but please no selling.

–       1:30 – 2:15 Session one

–       2:30 – 3:15 session two

–       3:15 – 4pm Session three

There is free movement between the sessions, so if you feel you are in the wrong session, then it is fine to move to a different one.

The below is an unconference board from MeasureCamp – we will be doing something similar –