The Unicorn Trend

So what is the unicorn trend that, in true Kim Kardashian style, broke the internet and our teeth? Well it all started when this unheard-of coffee chain, known as Starbucks, introduced a Unicorn Frappuccino, leading to almost 100,000 posts being shared on Twitter alone! Month’s before Starbucks got their grubby paws on this fad however, it was Adeline Waugh, a foodie blogger from the USA, that had her strong following highlight how her use of natural dyes in food looked like unicorns.


Step forward one month and her bright and vibrant inventions were clogging up the arteries of our social feeds.


The unicorn obsession may have hit full throttle in May 2017, however it is far from a new trend. Unicorn trends on social have been floating around constantly over the past decade. ‘Charlie the unicorn’ became one of the most popular YouTube videos of all time several years ago, while the unicorn looking ‘My Little Pony’ was one of the top selling toys of the nineties.


It’s when brands jumped onto the latest trend that it became overkill. Like the tedious and painful-to-watch videos of 2016, with brands all performing their own office based mannequin challenge or Woody challenge, or even Harlem Shake before that, the use and abuse of unicorn themed products became the new kill-me-now trend.


None of these items seemed to be great in actuality, from the vomit-worthy frappucinos or the multi-coloured pizza’s containing marshmallows, it was all more about getting that cheeky snap with them, rather than consuming the fluorescent crime to society.


The search volume and social posts around these topics dropped off significantly during the latter part of June, as marketing teams suddenly saw sense after choking back on their luminous slush puppies, however this trend, like Katie Hopkins, will unfortunately be forever close by and ready to annoy any sane human being.


The question is which childhood obscurity will return with a vengeance in 2017? I can only hope for that ultimate gift which never filled my Christmas stocking, Stretch Armstrong!

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