Who is coming to TIO Amsterdam

A selection of the awesome people who are coming to TIO Amsterdam in 2019

Some of the organisers of course including –

Gerry White has been in the industry for 20 years, with a background in development he transitioned to technical marketing leading on SEO, analytics and other digital growth strategies in companies, agencies, the government and corporations such as the BBC. In the past few years Gerry has spoken at conferences around the globe – more about Gerry 


Arnout is a dutch online marketing consultant who is into Tech SEO, Google analytics and optimising web experiences. More about Arnout here

Michelle Wilding-Baker

Michelle is an Australian award-winning journalist turned digital marketer who specialises in SEO, content strategy and acquisition. More about Michelle

Hannah Thorpe

Hannah is Head of SEO at UK based award-winning digital marketing agency Found, Hannah has over five years of search experience having devised and managed a range of successful online campaigns for such large brands as Twinings, Le Creuset, And So To Bed, M&G and Elsevier. Specialising in combining technical SEO tactics with clever content marketing delivery.

Judith Lewis

Judith is a sort of renaissance woman of digital marketing, having almost a quarter century of experience, she actually got online while programming in 1985. Continuing through university, she wrote a thesis on social media before it had a name in 1994. Continuing in her online experience, she worked on eCommerce sites before they had the ability to transact online, affiliate sites when you still had to manually add a code, and mail servers, where she got intimate with packets, DNS and BIND, and TCP/IP. She has forgotten more than some people know about online marketing, drinks far too much, is terrible with names and needs glasses but refuses to wear them until she gets a headache. She’s worked in pharma, gambling and porn and she doesn’t suffer fools gladly. While currently known for her… *cough*link building*cough*… she’s capable of everything from strategy through technical to outreach. She’ll be attaching her name along with others to the forthcoming Econsultancy best practice guide to SEO and really you should buy her beer and ask her questions when you can because she’s one of the few who will give you an honest, straight and correct answer. – More about Judith Lewis

Juliette Van Rooyen

Juliette is an SEO Specialist with more than 14 years experience in both client-side and agency environments in London & Cape Town. Starting as a developer, she was lured to the dark side of SEO with the promise of being more creative. After getting a taste for SEO, she moved to London and spent 6 years working for various agencies. Her clients included Nintendo, Samsung, COI & Shell. More about Jules 

And some of the incredible attendees

Martijn van Vreeden

Geek for all things digital data since 2005. Tipping my toe in the SEO water for the first time in years. Beer, cycling and football aficionado in real life

Jordy Noll

Freelancer. Doing SEO since 2008. Mainly eCommerce & international SEO.

Simon Vreeman

Does CRO, SEO and web analytics at VanMoof (electric bikes brand). Previously at The Next Web (publisher) and Van der Valk (hotels)

Robin Allenson

Founded an AI for local SEO company which was acquired by Yext to kick-start their European efforts. Co-founder and CEO of Similar.ai which uses a knowledge graph and deep learning to tell retailers & marketplaces which category pages would add new revenue, which category pages are a waste of crawl budget and how to optimise the category pages they have.

GJ Bramer

“GJ Bramer, MIM (aka Googleadviseur) Owner of GJ Bramer Web en Organisatie, for nearly 15 years. Online marketing for local, national and international companies, strategy, advice, development, training, Marketing plans, Support and maintaining online presence clients, Training on Social Media like LinkedIn,  International Speaker on online marketing / social media, Judge of the European Search Awards Former chair of Sempo Europe,Partner of SEOmonitor, Partner of SEMinternational  Site: www.googleadvies.nl (mostly Dutch)

Simon Schnieders

Founder & CEO of Blue Array – The UK’s largest pure-play SEO agency

Gwen Drieduite

SEO-specialist bij Smart IM Online Marketing



Being doing SEO webinars since 2015, using webinars as community builder tool, as well as Influencer marketing tool


Tim Stewart

Conversion, data and UX geek. Event Speaker. Weapons grade dad jokes


Jason has over 2 decades of experience in digital marketing, he started promoting his first website in the year Google was incorporated and built it up to become one of the top 10,000 most visited sites in the world (60 million visits in 2007). Today he is a fulltime 100% digital nomad, speaking at conferences around the world, and interviewing industry experts for his #SEOisAEO podcast (the most fun you’ll ever have learning about digital from the experts). Check out the podcast here https://kalicube.pro/podcast-series  

Lucie Smidova

Freelancer with 5+ years of experience in digital. Focusing mainly on off-page SEO.

Gareth Hoyle

Full stack Internet Marketer with a focus on SEO and Paid Media. Occasional webinar host and conference speaker; Frequent wine drinker. Always ready for lunch 🙂 Loves an awards do

Julian Aijal

Technical SEO Manager @ https://thenextweb.com

Jonny Platt

Independent SEO since 2002. Was a full time affiliate for over a decade, now founder of a couple of SEO tools including https://abrankings.com , a tool to test your SEO changes and optimize organic clickthrough rates

Koen Leemans

SEO Consultant at OrangeValley with a focus on technical SEO and web performance

Steven van Vessum

Loves SEO & Co-founder of ContentKing

Linda Hogenes

Head of SEO @ Coolblue, one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the Netherlands and Belgium. Biggest projects: migrating 360 domains into coolblue.nl and coolblue.nl and adding a French and English version to the website. Frequent visitor of BrightonSEO, and MozCon (twice). Jury for the Friends of Search Awards 2020.

Nick Seitzinger

I’m Nick and I’ve been doing SEO full time for about 4 years now. Before that I was mainly into web content but had a lot to do with SEO. Nowadays I’m a in-house SEO specialized in e-commerce. Going to TIO to learn and have a good time.

Tereza Nováková

I am SEO freelancer and in-house SEO consultant.

Barry Adams

Angry SEO guy.

Bibi Raven

Bibi Raven – Link builder at BibiBuzz.com, Master Procrastinator of Cleaning, Curator of Expired Dadjokes, Rude Snowflake. Bibi Raven keeps herself distracted by any squirrel online, and occasionally trains link builders on how not to suck in Dan Ray’s Facebook Group.. When she’s not loading up on raw herring and embarrassing amounts of cheese, she helps businesses to be exposed. No wait, GET exposure.

Sander Heilbron

Principal Consultant (specialties SEO and Web Performance Optimization) at OrangeValley. Creator of https://httpstatus.io/.

Ivan Karmanov

Used to be a military engineer, switched to board games and now I’m in SEMrush

Kim Dewe

Kim is Head of SEO at Blue Array – the UK’s largest pure-play SEO agency. Having worked in SEO for the past few years and now studying Computer Science, Kim has found a particular interest in the technical nuances that affect SEO and analytics.

Chris Simmance

MD of Optus Digital and Founder of Under2.

Jarno van Driel

A technical SEO with 20+ years experience. He started as a ‘webdesigner’ and quickly became one of the first full-time front-end developers in NL – which proved to be a fruitful background and led to organically growing into a full time SEO role over the years. Coming from a background in accessibility and html semantics he got involved in structured data in the late 2000’s when he was first introduced to something called ‘semantic meta data’. As a result he was one of the largest global publishers of structured data for the first 3 years after schema.org was introduced to the world. He’s known for sharing the knowledge he obtained during his professional work as well his work as a volunteer for the schema.org organization – knowledge that comes directly from many of the people that helped create many of the semantic standards (W3C) that are used by the major search engines.

Ric Rodriguez

Ric is SEO Consultant at Yext, an NYSE listed search company. Ric joined from iProspect, where he led a team supporting clients that worked with sister agency Carat, including Santander and Post Office. Prior to that he was the SEO lead for Regus, in a client / agency hybrid role as a part of the advisory team to the CMO – as well as a member of iCrossing’s multi award-winning L’Oreal team.

Ruslan Shogenov

Responsible for product marketing of SEMrush SEO toolkit

Tom Pool

“Tom is the Technical SEO Director at BlueArray, the UK’s largest pure play SEO agency. He massively enjoys all aspects of technical SEO, and delivers training sessions and talks at various locations. More recently, he has talked at Brighton SEO on Chrome Puppeteer, and delivered SEO Auditing training as part of the conference. Outside of work, he spends his time doing stupid & arguably dangerous things on his mountain bike, fixing his mountain bike after said stupid activities and running for long periods of time.”

Ramon Gulikers

Working at Maxlead as SEO consultant. Working with/for/at websites from 1998. Former teacher.


Barrie Höster

SEO & Marketing Automation Consultant @ Maxlead.


Martijn Hoving

Freelance SEO specialist, currently hiring his first colleague (so soon-to-be former freelancer).


Arjan Doppenberg

Consultant (technical SEO and web analytics) at OrangeValley

Ruben Remy

Starting SEO as hobbyist in 2007, my hobby became my profession. I’m a freelance/Interim SEO specialist with agency and in-house experience. Lots of data and technical SEO is what makes me tick. Although having a broad SEO experience, I’m currently focussing on SEO during digital transformations and the crossroad where SEO meets stakeholder management, agile and change management. This comes from the realisation that it’s not enough to have advanced knowledge of SEO. Steering a corporate towards SEO succes requires change management, implementing new ways of working and growing the SEO capabilities of teams that are touching the front-end.

Pieter van der Gulik

Trying to work my way up in the seo hierarchy by learning from smart people, creating processes, implement and share results. Our company is not an agency or seo-serviceprovider. We are ‘psychic pimps’.

Matt Whelan

Opinionated online marketer. Talks a lot about integrating online and offline activity by using technology and common sense. Used to know a lot about paid search. Runs a media agency called The Specialist Works.

Vincent Velema

Technical SEO for ages. Loves to fiddle with everything shiny and new. That sometimes is and often is not so shiny after all. Went to study with the great master of markup (and occasional taxonomist) Jarno van Driel, then life happened, became a dad had to drop out of school somewhere before graduation 🤪 Added analytics and cx expertise to become more T-shaped. Looking very much forward to reconnecting or connecting to you all of Dutch or Twitter Fame. Cheers


Copper to Chrome, since 1985

Matt Davies

Long term SEO consultant since 2006. Freelance since 2015. Works with B2C & B2B clients and white labels for agencies. Frequently told he undercharges. Loves meeting with other SEO-types and discovering we usually have WAY more in common than the bun-fights that break out on social media would have you believe. Will take some of your money playing poker given half a chance. Trades as Slingshot Search.

Sean Butcher

Sean is the COO of Blue Array – the UK’s largest pure-play SEO agency. With over a decade’s experience in the SEO industry, Sean oversees numerous aspects of Blue Array’s day-to-day operations including growing a team of best-in-class SEO experts, increasing client satisfaction and developing tools and software to aid the business.

Chris Boggs

“I have been in the industry since 2000 working for myself then agencies then myself again for the last 5 years. I work with some Enterprise clients as an SEO consultant and as a PPC management company (we also do SEO campaigns). By “”we”” I mean me with my team of trusted subcontractors from my agency days and since.

I don’t write much in public any more but you may find some good foresight within my articles from the 2000s and into the 2010s. “”Chris Boggs SEO”” Google search should help you find them 😉

I am married with two children and enjoy soccer and golf as activities, once I have already walked my English Labrador Luna. I live in Saratoga New York which is about equal distance by car from Montreal, Boston, and NYC.”

Tony Brown

An in-house SEO Consultant with 8 years experience in digital marketing.


Roxana Stingu

Head of SEO at Alamy, former Technical SEO Manager for GoDaddy. I like to get down and dirty with the technical aspects of SEO and to experiment with Image Search. When time permits it I like to play scrabble, Minecraft and stalk John Mueller at conferences.

Thomas Guillaux

Hi, I work for Oncrawl, a leading SEO tool that provides a top-notch crawler as well as a powerful log analyzer!


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