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Well It is 2020, I spend far too much time on the train, commuting, travelling time that I could spend learning – I have recently been listening to some amazing entertaining podcasts such Shag Married Annoyed (although when Chris didn’t turn up to the UK Search Awards, too busy on Strictly, I wasn’t impressed) & The Infinite Monkey Cage (BBC Science & fun) but if I wanted to improve my SEO and digital marketing knowledge. 

So I reached out on Twitter, thanks to the following for quick answers and here are some of the recommendations (the original tweet seemed popular and I received a lot of great suggestions!) 

Some of the replies came from –

Experts on the Wire with Dan Shure –

Dan is himself an expert in SEO & so his interviews with the likes of Martin Splitt & Luke Carthy, this means that the output is smarter because the questions are.



Aleyda Solis – Crawling Mondays

Crawling Mondays is a YouTube based video series that is also distributed as a podcast, hosted by Aleyda Solis, where she shares SEO advice, tips, how-tos, reviews, interviews and more!

Everyone knows the name Aleyda – as someone who nearly managed to attend a TIO in Amsterdam and someone who is incredibly helpful and a positive influence on the SEO industry, Aleyda produces a light digestible podcast that is well worth listening to with some awesome experts.

Jason Barnard / Kalicube

This podcast would definitely be better without the singing (only joking, or am I) Jason is a big character, if you’ve ever met him you’ll have heard him from a long way away, his podcasts are intelligent, fun and with smart people – Jason has a focus on how Google has shifted from a search engine to an Answer Engine, think structured data, brand markup and the evolution of the serps.

Marie Hayne – Search News You can Use

Focused on updates, the practicalities of what has happened and how it applies, this is one that I would have subscribed to, to listen to the latest episodes, to keep upto date with what has, is and is about to happen –

LocalU – Local Search Podcast –

Local SEO is a big topic, often under valued by larger organisation as local search, intent and relevance is often huge, understanding that my search results 30 miles away if Google thinks I am in a different city is important – these are more videos than audio, which means I can’t put them on in the car / train as easily.


Not strictly SEO, but important to technical marketers, Paul and James run a bi-weekly podcast on platforms, implications, recommendations and more, this is new but so far the content has been excellent.

Paul is actually an expert in technical SEO which means his questions and his own answers are insightful, James runs #ecomchat (mondays on Twitter) and is an expert in all things ecommerce and a goto, recommended guy for training, merchandising or just understanding all things digital. 

Marketing Speak

With Stephan Spencer, focused on digital marketing including paid and other channels, this is mainly focused on interviews with the likes of Larry Kim and David Snyder industry veterans.

“Marketing Speak is a podcast in which thought leaders and professional speakers weigh in on important marketing-related issues.” 

The Business of Digital

One I haven’t listened to yet, but as Aleyda recommends it …

“Hear @Matt_Siltala & @daver talk digital marketing (SEO, Social Media, Content Marketing, PPC, etc.) on The Business of Digital Podcast.”

Not much of a website, from what I can see – just links to the podcast on all the different platforms, which is useful enough!

SEO with Alina Ghost

SEO with Mrs Alina GhostI’ve met Alina a few times in person, she is truly lovely, her podcast is a series of excellent interviews as she strives to learn about new and different topics, including interviewing me (Gerry) from TIO.

They are fantastic chats, with excellent guests so worth listening to –


Page 2 Podcast is real life stories, behind the SEO people, their journey into and through SEO advice for new folks as well as those of us who have been in the industry a while. Featuring Jacob Stoops and Jeff Louella. Give it a listen –


Search with Candour

80% SEO / 20% PPC – mainly hosted by Mark Williams-Cook but with guests including Steven Van Vessum from ContentKing and Dom Hodgson from Little Warden plus other awesome guests – Mark / Candour also run Search Norwich which sounds like an awesome event if it wasn’t quite so far away (I am going to go one day soon). Candour have also built – which is an interesting evolving tools similar to


RankUp is a monthly SEO podcast which discusses and gives commentary on ongoing themes, topics and news in the industry. The RankUp podcast is hosted by Ben Garry and Edd Wilson. We’re always looking for guest speakers to take part. We like to chat with anyone.

RankUp Podcast 

So who have we missed? 

If we have missed someone, tweet me TakeItOffline (@OfflineTake) or Gerry White (@dergal)  – and we will review and add it! 

There are some more great podcast recommendations on ContentKing for 2021

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