Barry Schwartz

A Chat With Barry Schwartz

We are exceptionally excited to invite you to join us for a night of drinking and SEO chat. A little different to many of our other Take It Offline events, this will be a special meetup, where we talk/grill Barry Schwartz with questions galore.

Barry Schwartz is over in the UK for the SMX London conference, however we have managed to steal him away for one evening.

For those who have been living under a rock, Barry runs Search Engine Roundtable, the number one source for quick reactions to what is happening in the industry. Whenever a potential Google update has occurred, the industry take a quick look over to Search Engine Land to see what has happened and the repercussions in the industry. He’s also great at getting a response from the main team at Google.

Barry is also the CEO of Rusty Brick and a news editor on Search Engine Land. He also makes virtually every top ten list for the most powerful and influential people in the SEO industry!

When Is The Event?

The talk with Barry Schwartz will be taking place on the 21st May 2019. We urge you to arrive for 6:30pm, however we understand this isn’t the easiest for anyone travelling from a little further afield, therefore we will cushion some extra time for late arrivals. The event will run till approximately 9:30pm, at which point we will undoubtedly head to a local pub to continue our blurry evening!

Where Is It Taking Place?

The venue will be the Artefact office, a marketing agency built on the perfect union of marketers and engineers. The venue is at:

Artefact UK

78 Chamber Street


E1 8BL

Of course, if you are having trouble finding the building, don’t hesitate to get in contact with either Gerry, Tom or Andy.

Do I Need To Bring Anything?

No, absolutely not, however as this is a great opportunity to speak to SEO royalty, it might be worth gathering some questions you may want to ask him. There is no pressure to ask him anything, as we have a set of questions in place, but it is an unmissable opportunity to find out how you could enhance your results with some great guidance.

Will There Be Free Beer?

Does the Pope shit in the woods? Wait, I got that saying wrong. Anyway, we could never run a TIO event without copious amounts of booze, so rest assured, we will be sliding off our chairs by the end of the evening. There should also be some snacks available, but not a huge amount so you may want to eat something small on your way here (but don’t be late).

How Do I Get A Free Ticket?

You can go to the Eventbrite website to get a free ticket on this link – 

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