Best Business Coaches In The USA

Setting up my own business, I had constant questions along the way, unsure of how I handle my taxes and whether it was worth paying for an accountant, how I find new clients and how I managed my time.

A business coach can help you to grow your business, enabling you to work less and achieve more, or as they say, work smarter. They can offer a reassuring arm around the shoulder to stop you stressing out and they can guide you to achieve your best possible results.

The USA has a wealth of amazing business coaches, some of which I wanted to highlight below in a list I plan on adding to over time.

1) Fabienne Fredrickson

Fabienne is the founder of the Boldheart business programs, helping people to increase their income to 6 or 7 figures.

With over 100,000 fans on Facebook, Fabienne is more than just a business coach, she is a huge inspiration to entrepreneurs around the world. Featured in the likes of Forbes and Entrepreneur and speaking at TedX, Fabienne is a truly confident presenter, covering subjects such as female leadership and how to pivot your business.

2) Tamsen Webster

Tamsen is launching a book in less than a month, titled ‘Find Your Red Thread’, which looks to be a very interesting read.

Tamsen has spoken at conferences around the world, the strategist and speaker has 20 years of marketing experience, while she also regularly talks at TedX.

3) Alan Melton

Alan has coached thousands of small business owners and helped them to increase their profitability. I like the fact he has focused his efforts purely on SME’s, as there are so many of them and so many fail in the first couple of years, so he can help ensure you don’t follow that same path.

Inevitably, considering the nature of the people on this list, Alan also has a book, called Small Business Solutions, while he is also the founder of Empire Business Brokers.

One really cool claim to fame was when he was recognised by Bill Clinton as the small business person of the year!

4) Marshall Goldsmith

One of the originals, Marshall is now 72 years old, but is still wowing audiences across the USA. The famous business educator and leadership coach has written 39 books, which is arguably the most from anyone on this list!

He won the lifetime achievement awards for Leadership at Harvard, not bad for the lad from a small town in Kentucky. He has also witnessed how the business world has evolved, yet his methods and advice have stood the test of time, helping businesses to grow and prosper.

5) Jay Abraham

You get marketing consultants, then you get Abraham! His net worth is hotly debated, with many articles placing it at around 10 billion dollars.

The CEO of the Abraham group, Jay is a world renowned author and speaker, helping tens of thousands of businesses to increase their sales and profit figures. Featured in the likes of Forbes and Success, Jay is undeniably one of the best strategists in the world for SME’s.

6) Barry Moltz

One thing I really respect about Barry is he doesn’t just highlight his successes, he highlights his failures as well. Because we learn so much from failure.

Winston Churchill once said “success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts”, a saying I love, as it highlights that it doesn’t matter if we fall down, but it is our ability to keep getting up that will make the real difference. What we learn from our failures is so important and Barry shares his learnings to thousands of business owners.

Barry Moltz has learned that business is always about people, that you need to increase your focus and carefully watch your cash flow. He’s now featured in the Entrepreneurship hall of fame and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows.

7) Pamela Slim

Pamela describes herself as a ‘community builder’, which I really love and respect. One thing I’ve learned about the best business coaches is that they try to create a community atmosphere, where everyone attending bounces off each other and offer support in all directions.

Feeling part of a community is important as entrepreneurs, as it can feel lonely and scary out there. Pam wrote the book Escape from Cubicle Nation, which won numerous awards back in 2009, while she has helped numerous small businesses to grow and thrive.

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