Take It Offline isn’t about speakers – so it is important to know who is coming, who will be contributing and who you will be learning from – but these are the names we have confirmed we can admit to!  Get a ticket now!

Ioana Văcărașu
Cristina Sturza
Magic Mushroom
Mike Fenlon

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Gareth Hoyle

Gareth Hoyle is the managing director of UK based digital agency, Marketing Signals. Having successfully run SEO campaigns since 2006, Gareth and Marketing Signals focus on the link side of SEO. At TIO Amsterdam, Gareth was awesome on the links panel. Gareth used to sell links, now he helps clean them up (and still sells links)

Aleyda Solis

Aleyda needs no introduction – the lightest heavyweight of the SEO world, more Twitter followers than John Muller (tho it is close) and expert on all things from International SEO, PWA, Mobile, and working from airport lounges, Aleyda is a headliner at most SEO conferences and a Judge at the EU search Awards (also an incredibly nice person).

Carrie Rose

Runs the creative content marketing and digital PR offering at creative SEO agency Rise at Seven. After 5 years of experience at Branded3 and Edit, with international brands within multiple industries, Carrie partnered with Stephen Kenwright to create Rise at Seven.

Bibi the Link Builder

With an interesting surname, it isn’t a surprise that she is a link builder – we persuaded her to come back to TIO despite last year putting her on what can only be the panel from hell (with whisky) sitting her between Judith, Ross and Gareth it is a suprise she has volunteered to come back!

Craig Campbell

Craig is notorious, with a big personality and a big heart, his dulcet scottish tones are delight to hear across many a podcast including his own.

Tom Bourlet (more) 

Tom is the marketing, PR, link building guru who helped develop brands across more channels than most people care to remember, currently somewhere travelling producing terrible tik tok videos and contributing to his travel blog.  Tom is also helping to judge the EU Search Awards this year.

Michelle (more)

Marketing SEO expert who has just joined Freesat, her expertise and passion for the the industry is why she joined TIO to become one of the organisation team.

Judith Lewis (more)

Nearly as infamous as Craig Campbell, but not quite – if she isn’t traveling to another conference, the Search Awards, or out of the country on a client visit, she is visiting wine growing regions and working on projects for the think tank she is a part of at the Weinbauzentrum in Wadensweil which is working to reduce pesticide use and water while improving quality in wine… so she can drink even more! She actually rewrote a best practice guide to SEO with the help of many going to TIO Bucharest (which kept her sane…).

Gerry White (more)

Best SEO ever and I need to add to this. But he won’t because he’s too busy drinking whisky…

Chris Simmance

Futurologist, reads tea leaves and delivers keynotes all over the world on what is to come and why your audience should be curious and not scared of change.

Nick Wilsdon

Nick has been in digital marketing since 1998. Moving to Russia in 2003 he specialised in multilingual SEO while broadening his knowledge across paid media, content and PR. Nick is one of those who is happy to be talking about APIs for getting Google Voice, GSD or talking to CMOs and CTOs.

Arnout Hellemans (more)

Arnout is Dutch and can be found cycling around the bars of Amsterdam.

Jason Barnard 

He is loud (definitely)

Dixon Jones

He is the guy who once was from Majestic but now does other stuff.

Dawn Anderson

Dawn is probably one of the nerdiest and geekiest people in the Digital Marketing community right now, studying at university again on topics like information retrieval and machine learning. Dawn puts the rest of us to shame with how smart and savvy she is – and her love of Pomeranians is legendary.

GJ Bramer

Digital Consultant Former manager at some (large) companies like Getronics. As owner of his own company he has been delivering online marketing for over 15 years for local, national and international companies. He is also judging the EU Search Awards in 2020.

Simon Vreeman

Growth Marketing Manager at VanMoof – geeky enough to be found hanging around analytics conferences with people like Arnout, Simon is Dutch and can be found cycling around the bars of Amsterdam.

Trond Lyngbø

Norwegian film star – or at least like Tom Bourlet he is listed in IMDB, tho it might be that Trond actually legitimately was in a film or two.

Ioana Văcărașu

Previously Head of Content at Upswing, the leading content & SEO agency in Romania. SEO content strategist pioneer. +9 years experience in Content Creation & Strategy.  Core expertise in Content Marketing, Native Advertising and Branded Content ✏️ Skilled in Search Engine Optimisation(SEO) ✏️ Geekish Digital Marketing

Cristina Sturza

Head of Sales at the best SAAS ever, SEOmonitor :D. In between her daily job, Cristina manages to squeeze a lot of mountain climbing and travelling experiences. Reach-out if you want to learn more about SEOmonitor or how to climb some of the tallest mountain peaks around the globe.

Mike Fenlon

PPC guy, whisky loving, cigar smoking TIO Regular – “… Love of all things digital, often referred to as the ‘Digital Del Boy’…”