Enhanced Affinity dimensions – New GA Features

This was a co-ordinated April 1st, but one we would like to follow up the discussion on, how much information should be shared with who and to what level. It raised some interesting discussions! Thanks to members of the analytics community for supporting and playing along! 

Most of us have been surprised by things that pop up in GA from time to time, they keep introducing new reports and data and it seems there has been a little Easter Update which at a conference was labelled ‘Enhanced Affinity’ it seems that in addition to tracking gender, and interests there are a few more popped up, chatting with a couple of others in the GA community it seems that it is only available for certain profiles.

These are the same demographics & interest categories used to target ads on the Google Display Network apparently so it is interesting to see that one of the new ones we have spotted are religion and politics, after the Cambridge Analytica incident, it is somewhat surprising – however as an analyst I can see that understanding marital status could be invaluable. We’ve only found a couple so far, but if you spot some more then please tweet us at @offlinetake

Update – Grant Kemp has noticed a few more dimensions available

To try out these features on your own account — just tweet GoogleAnalytics and ask for more information on adding ‘EAD’. It takes 1 to 4 hours to have them added on your account…

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