Introducing – Take it Offline Amsterdam

(we call it TIO Amsterdam) 

October 4th 2019 we will be in Amsterdam, the details are still being worked out but in essence it will be a combination of a classic Take It Offline event, round tables and unconference and a two day escape to meet with some of the best of the best in digital, particularly those focused in technical SEO, but for anyone else there will be opportunities to expand knowledge in data, outreach and delivery. Some of the people we already have signed up include page speed optimisation, backlinks and schema experts.

A ticket will include a two day event from 2pm on Friday to 5pm on Saturday with social activities happening before on the and after so we would recommend coming a day (or two) before and not leaving until the Sunday. the more time you spend with these people the more you will learn, the better the relationships and the more you will get out of it long term.

October 3rd Pre Party  – maybe a boat cruise, maybe something else … 

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TIO Amsterdam Venue

Arnout Hellemans has secured an incredible space in the centre – this location is absolutely stunning and central, so full marks on his choice and securing the venue – they are doing a special deal but the space has been sponsored by Type A Media so huge thanks to them (if you haven’t seen it yet Ross did a Canonical Chronicle with Arnout).

TIO Amsterdam Schedule (this is still a draft)

  • Thursday –
    • 6pm Informal meetup, drink and food …
      Details TBC 
  • Friday
    • 2pm City TQ  Introducing TIO Amsterdam, what to expect and get to know your fellow participants
    • 2:30pm a Panel to introduce and get everyone relaxed, not as per previous times this will be very much you being a part of the panel…
    • 3pm – 5pm – Roundtable discussions guided by experts
      • Migration disasters
      • Link building in 2019
      • Schema & Structured markup
    • 5:30pm – Death by Powerpoint / Music
    • 8pm More activities
  • Saturday
    • 10am Something local voluntary  
    • 1pmCity TQ  Meet, fun, workshop with new & old friends
    • 1:15pm – 5pm Unconference sessions
      • Unconferences mean you can come with problems and solutions, the experts on hand are incredible so this is where most value will be seen for many people. Some of the best consultants who work with brands like Vodafone, The Sun, The Telegraph, e-commerce, & more will be sharing openly.
    • 5 – 8pm TBC

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Who is coming

Well so far we have some incredible people signed up, we don’t have their permission yet to share the guest list – but we will try to in a few weeks … (contact me if you are coming and I can say you are…) but for Arnout Hellemans, Gerry White, Judith Lewis, Barry Adams, Bibi Lauri Raven, Hannah Thorpe, Jason Barnard, Michelle Wilding-Baker & so many others – it will be good!  These are experts across not just technical SEO, but links, analytics, paid and growth.

Search Jammers

So this is something new and different we want to try – if we can persuade a few of the folks who are coming to provide music it might be incredible – the voices and playing we have spotted in the SEO Community … let us just hope it is harmonious.